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  • "I'm careful not to give into theatrics when times are tough, I don't like it when  somebody gives into outside pressure and puts on a show for others."  - Tony La Russa   Do you ever want to appear to others like you are working hard? Why? You do you.   Tomorrow's Training: 1. 5' [...]

    29 Jul, 2014
  • Rowing was fun to watch today, great efforts! Don't forget to buy your meat from Massa who is delivering to our gym for free. Check our Facebook for more info.   Doing one thing with your brain and another with your body is pointless and will never result in any type of growth. Be present. [...]

    28 Jul, 2014
  • Team, Having Spencer there today was great I thought. Thank you for being on time and attentive. You all were moving well and it was fun to be around. Make sure to come to the 6pm class tomorrow as we are sending Tori off. Tomorrow's Training: "Tori's Fun House"   Related posts: Wednesday, 23JULY2014 Thursday, [...]

    24 Jul, 2014
  • Great job with those split squats today, team. Those are difficult and obviously add a different degree of balance in there. We will be seeing more of those   2 Announcements:   a) Tori's last day is this Friday. She is programming the workout for the day, however she will be taking the class at [...]

    23 Jul, 2014


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