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  • Team, Read this article, it's a good one.   Tomorrow's Training: 1. 400m run + bear crawl + crab walk + burpee broad jump 2. KB w/u, 5ea: suitcase DL ea side, ATW, Fig8, RDL, SA swing, Snatch + Lunge w/ opposite leg 3. in 17' find heavy: Pwr Snatch + Hng Snatch + [...]

    15 Apr, 2014
  • "I never try anything - I just do it" -White Zombie --- Training for Tomorrow: 1. 800m run 2. 3 RNFT: 5 KBS, 5 goblet squat, 3 squat jump 3. BB w/u, 5ea: RDL, BOR, Hng MusCln, Thruster, Split Jerk. 1st set w/ BB, 2nd set w/ weight 4. in 17' find heavy: Hng Clean [...]

    14 Apr, 2014
  • "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." - Thomas Jefferson   Tomorrow's Training: 1. 5' JR + 1'ea side banded pigeon stretch 2. 3 RNFT: 5 burpee pull up, 5 goblet squat, 3ea BB (on back) [...]

    13 Apr, 2014
  • Team, I want you to look at the position of Josh on the dip in this photo. This should be the standard of a dip regardless if it is through a muscle up. This is full range of motion. When coaches talk about getting below parallel on a squat, or a full lockout at the [...]

    11 Apr, 2014


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