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  • Over the last 20 years, nutritional recommendations for protein have changed too many times to keep track of. First, is was based on body weight, then based on lean body mass, then based on activity level, now its based on how how your plate is shaped (that was a joke). Why the infatuation with protein? I'll tell you [...]

    23 Oct, 2014
  • Many exercise programs of the past (I say that because I feel CrossFit will eventually replace traditional gym workouts) involve a combination of steady state and straight set activities repeated day after day. Chest and Tricep day used to be my Monday… Why do we continually get stronger/faster/healthier even though we, as CrossFitters, don’t follow [...]

    22 Oct, 2014
  • Wednesday: Warm: 200 Singles Kstar Hip Mob A. 1 Mile Run B. EMOM 30 Min: Min 1: 30 Double Unders + 10 Pull Ups Min 2: 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs Min 3: 12 Push Press (115/75) Related posts: October 3, 2014 October 20th 2014 October 9th 2014 October 7th 2014 October 17 2014

    21 Oct, 2014
  • Tuesday: Warm: Row 250m 2 rds of: 10 Shoulder Dislocates 10 PVC P/T 10 Banded Chest Stretch WOD: A. Hang Squat Clean 3 x 3 B. With a 12 Min Cap: 1000m Row then 5 rounds of: 5 Push Ups 5 Burpees then AMRAP with remaining time: Run – 25 meters springs *score is total [...]

    20 Oct, 2014


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