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  • A question I often get from our members is, "What do we do for our abs" or "Why dont we do more abs?" Here's a video that answers those questions very thoroughly... _____________________________________________________________________________________________   Tuesday: Warm: 400m run 10 lunge stretch 10 PVC P/T 10 Dislocates WOD: A. Press 5x5 As many reps in 14 mins as [...]

    29 Sep, 2014
  • Having been involved in the fitness industry for as long as I have (no old man jokes Andy), I sometimes find that I mistake a lot of information that I feel is common knowledge for not-so-common knowledge. A perfect example is the sport of Weightlifting, or Olympic lifting or Olympic Weightlifitng or... well thats why [...]

    28 Sep, 2014
  • ... and if they don't kill you, at least they make you fat. At least thats how it is according to Gary Taubes. He is the author of a two highly acclaimed nutrition books titled, "Why We Get Fat" and "Good Calories, "Bad Calories". Gary has devoted his life to exploring the controversial side of modern nutritional science. [...]

    25 Sep, 2014
  • Periodically, I like to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about my previous life in the fitness industry. For those of you who don't know what I did prior to CrossFit TSAC, lets review. Most recently I worked as the General Manager at a medical fitness center. What is a medical fitness center? After two [...]

    24 Sep, 2014


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