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  • What you know does not matter - what you do matters. Physical training produces physical memories - not simply muscle memory but a psychophysical imprint, knowledge that is instinctual rather than intellectual. This is useful knowledge. Automatic (instinctive) action and reaction is always faster and more energy efficient than intellectually induced action or reaction. There's [...]

    19 Aug, 2014
  • My good friend Chad of Juggernaut Training Systems is putting on a seminar with some phenomenal speakers. It is Oct 4-5 at Crossfit Tustin in Orange County.   Become Unstoppable Seminar 3 fromĀ 350.00 Are you ready to take your training and coaching to a new level? Do you want to learn from the best? The [...]

    18 Aug, 2014
  • Permanent satisfaction means the death of the soul, it means one doesn't have the will to ask the hard questions anymore, that one accepts his place and doesn't have the strength or will to change it. If the point is evolution, remaining static is counterproductive.   Tomorrow's Training: 1. 5' JR 2. 2 RNFT: 30'' [...]

    17 Aug, 2014
  • Having balance in life is the key to many things. I don't think anyone would argue with me that becoming proficient in weightlifting produces a higher level of athleticism in the individual, a leaner physique in the individual, and must importantly teaches the individual about themselves, (300# will ALWAYS be 300#) Where this goes wrong [...]

    14 Aug, 2014


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