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  • I still receive a lot of questions regarding proper timing of meals as it related to maximizing nutrition. Properly timing your meals can have a huge impact on how your body reacts and responds to a given training session. Here is a great breakdown provided by the National Strength and Conditioning journal of Sports Performance [...]

    17 Sep, 2014
  • As many of you noticed, the temperature at the gym has been rising steadily. It seems summer just wont fucking end, I wanted to share two things: 1) Will Smith's Classic track entitled "Summer Time"... ...and the most effective ways to keep your exercise intensity up during the hot months. This is especially important due to [...]

    16 Sep, 2014
  • As many of you have probably noticed, compression and CrossFit seem to go hand and hand… It seems like everyone is smuggling grapes these days hoping to get an added boost in both recover and intensity. The NCSA recently published a research article on the effects of Compression garments and here is what they said: [...]

    15 Sep, 2014
  • For those of you who have been members of our gym for some time now, you understand that competition is built into our culture. Our gym has been traveling the local competition circuit here in Southern California for over four years. Last year, a new, all female partner competition was added to the long list of [...]

    14 Sep, 2014


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