The Grain Pain...

I've been fielding lots of questions around the gym about Paleo dieting and some of the finer points to the "Diet". We have grown up to believe that 12 servings of Whole Grains should be the base of our nutritional intake. Naturally, when you tell someone they need to eliminate grains they give you this look like you just stole their cat.

To answer any outstanding questions and reiterate the reasoning behind this important step towards becoming a caveman or cavewoman, I wanted to direct you to this link... Please take the time to read through it and let me know you thoughts.



A. shoulder press


B. for time

buy in - (20 calorie) row
[4 rounds]
(12) kb swings @2p/1p
(12) wall balls @20/14
(12) pistol squats
cash out - (20) hspu



  1. April 23, 2012 @ 9:43 pm


    Yes, my favorite... pistols! Matt, make sure you have my Armenian music ready for me to dance to...


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