Waffle Me Up
I dare you, I double dog dare you to not love this Paleo Waffle recipe! This months "Recipe of the Month" is brought to you by Brittany Angel. We love this recipe so much because of its endless possibilities. From regular waffles to garlic bread to grilled cheese sandwiches to BLT's! Our fave is regular waffles with some Kerrygold butter and Grade A syrup with a side of bacon!
(Make sure you do the Paleo version)

Garlic bread: replace the sugar with garlic powder & Italian seasoning 
Grilled cheese: leave the sugar out completely
Blueberry Waffles: add blueberries to the batter
Panini: leave the sugar out completely and add Italian dried herbs

So go out this weekend and make some waffles and post them to the TSAC page or tag us at #paleoschmaleo on IG. 

"It's about progress not perfection"
A) back squats - 5, 5, 5, 5
B) 3 rounds for time
buy in - (500m) row
(12) box jumps @24"/20"
(12) deadlifts @205/135 


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